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Ecology Updates

By February 8, 2022Middle School

Into the Woods

Gery Juleff, sustainability manager and Ecology Teacher, gives an update.

Ecology class takes place rain or shine! Mr. Juleff took all the classes out into the woods as usual, except this time there was cold, snow, ice, slush, and rain. It was a great opportunity to learn about a range of subjects, including: how ice is formed, how water creates new channels, and what the Ice Ages were like.
The children saw tracks from a wide range of animals, enjoyed the peace and quiet of the woods, and loved the way our little stream had been changed into an (almost) roaring torrent, with new channels, cataracts, and waterfalls.  They now better understand how streams and rivers are created.
Some students got a bit wet, but they learned the importance of wearing the right clothing, keeping spare clothes on hand, and making sure they know how deep water is before standing in it! Overall, the snowy conditions created a fantastic learning experience for all.

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