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Solar Eclipse

By April 11, 2024All Programs

New Jersey experienced a partial solar eclipse of about 90 percent on Monday, April 8th. 🌙 The eclipse began at 2:00 pm, hitting its peak point around 3:30 pm. The school purchased protective eyeglasses (for students from Primary through Middle School) and students, faculty, and staff enjoyed witnessing the solar eclipse.

The 8th graders coordinated activities and presentations to educate the after-school students about the eclipse, focusing on safety and the science behind it. They all went outside to observe the eclipse, and afterward, they came inside to do a variety of eclipse-related activities.

It was a wonderful educational opportunity for students, and all programs learned about this celestial phenomenon in age-appropriate ways. (There is not another eclipse predicted to cross our skies for twenty years!) Primary students made special masks for their eclipse glasses and wore them out to dismissal.

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