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Final School Spirit Celebration

By April 11, 2024April 12th, 2024Uncategorized

Primary through Middle School children gathered to celebrate our final School Spirit Day of the year. Mrs. VonWachenfeldt and Mr. Mitnick hosted the event.

This year’s Spirit Day theme was “Roots.” During the first school Spirit Day, we talked about “getting back to our roots” – the importance of IDENTITY and knowing your story. At the second Spirit Day assembly, we discussed using roots to talk about CONNECTION and what that does for us as individuals and as communities. We are all part of a forest! RESILIENCE was the message of our third Spirit Day, and how building a firm foundation helps us “root to rise” – so we can weather any storm. Our final Spirit Day was about BEING GROUNDED – how feeling centered and balanced, no matter what’s happening, helps us to feel stable, calm, and whole.

Mrs. VonWachenfeldt talked about how all of the lessons we’ve learned from roots this year help us feel more grounded. When you know yourself (find the source of your roots), feel connected to others (intertwine with the roots of others), and build resilience (deep roots build a strong foundation that makes you resilient), it will help you feel grounded. Another way we can ground ourselves is by leaning into the community that supports us. Our family, friends, teachers, and school can remind us of our shared values and what truly matters. When we are with our community, we feel safe, seen, heard, and accepted. We carry that sense of identity, security, and belonging with us wherever we go.

Mrs. Von introduced two special guests – Kim Burnfield and Zarah Cardona! Kim and Zarah graduated from Princeton Montessori two years ago and now attend Solebury School and Princeton Day School respectively. As alumni of Princeton Montessori School, they came back to share what having Montessori roots means to them. There’s a reason our School Song proclaims, “This is our second home!” Our students carry the friendships and lessons learned here wherever they go, and this is always a place they can return “home” to. Zarah read the book “Be a Tree” by Maria Gianferrari to the students.

In honor of our community and Earth Day, Upper Elementary and Middle School students performed “The Roots We Share,” a song by a children’s choir/environmental group called “SOS from the Kids.”

The assembly concluded with a performance by our MS Rock Band.

Spirit Days happen four times a year. The community wears our school shirts or colors and Primary, Elementary, and Middle School students, teachers, and staff come together for a special assembly.

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