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Alumni Update

By April 8, 2021Alumni

Celebrate Montessori Poster Project

We recently heard from alumna Victoria Barquin, who graduated from Princeton Montessori School back in 2008. She currently lives in Chicago where she works as a Visual Artist and Printmaker. Victoria wrote to us to share about a project that she recently participated in called Celebrate Montessori, organized by Chicago-based Montessori Educator Colin Palombi. The project aims to publish original art prints by artists familiar with Montessori and the potential that this unique education holds for peace and the liberation of the human spirit. To help realize this goal, 100% of proceeds from poster sales are allocated to the Black Montessori Education Fund whose mission is to increase engagement and support positive experiences of Black children and adults in Montessori education.

Victoria has fond memories from her time at Princeton Montessori School and Michelle Morrison, HOS, was her Middle School teacher! Victoria recalls one highlight of her time at PMONTS was when Mrs. Morrison accompanied the class to Turkey on their 8th-grade trip!

“I think of that time often and really enjoyed revisiting my overall experience at Princeton Montessori through this screenprinting project.” – Victoria Barquin

Below is a photo of Victoria and her classmates in Turkey!

Poster by Victoria Marie Barquin: Montessori Alumnus

“Top Right Corner” is an homage to a particular habit that I developed as a Montessori student—writing my name and date on every piece of paper. Whether a final essay or a sheet of notes, your name and date were always expected. Twelve years later, I credit most of my organization strategies to my time in Montessori schools. As a freelancer, organization, time management, and advocating for oneself are hugely important and I believe these skills are a direct result of my Montessori upbringing. Visually, the print mimics a lined piece of paper, while bringing together elements from a stapled childhood drawing, a Chicago underpass, and a Google Maps screenshot of the woods that line the northern edge of Princeton Montessori School, where I attended second through eighth grade.

Here is a link to Victoria’s screenprint, currently available for purchase.

Visit the CELEBRATE MONTESSORI site to view all the artwork.

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