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Eighth Grade Spotlight

By April 25, 2024Alumni

Weekly feature spotlighting each of our Eighth graders which asks them to reflect on their Middle School experiences and share some of the highlights and what they are most proud of.

Meet Sabrina Shields

What is one of your favorite highlights from the middle school program?

One of my favorite memories and highlights from the middle school program was the class trip to Spain. All of the middle school trips have been amazing, but Spain was by far my favorite and the most extraordinary experience. Staying overnight in a different country for ten days is something I will never forget. I loved learning about the culture and having many different opportunities to take risks and explore. I made so many memories and had fun times with my friends, and I would definitely do it again.

What skill(s) did you develop thanks to your Montessori/IB education that are you most proud of?

There are many skills that I have developed thanks to the Montessori and IB programs. Two skills I am most proud of are being a risk-taker and being determined. I learned to take risks and keep an open mind through my years at Pmonts. Taking risks and staying determined, even if something may not be turning out how you thought it would, is essential. Different projects that I have created all have required me to stay determined, even if I didn’t like how they were turning out. For my previous middle art project, I worked with cardboard to create a sculpture of a teapot. I hadn’t used cardboard often, and I had high expectations of what I wanted the end result to look like. I took a risk by using a material I hadn’t used before, and at multiple points, I wanted to restart or choose a different material. Instead, I stayed determined and created a piece that I love and that I am very proud of. These skills will help me in the future in high school and in future careers.

What will you miss the most after you graduate from PMonts?

I will miss the community the most at PMonts after I graduate. I have been a part of the Montessori community since I was 3 years old. I have grown up through all the programs and have met so many amazing people. I will miss all of my teachers and friends after graduating, as none of my friends will be attending my new high school. The connections I have made with students, teachers, and faculty have been so special to me. The Montessori education allows you to create deep relationships and personal connections. 

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