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Amazing Birthday Supermarket Sweep!

Middle School student, Jia Mohan, hosted a “Supermarket Sweep” in lieu of of a traditional birthday party! Instead of gifts, she asked all her friends and family to get together and go shopping at the local ShopRite. The 7th graders had so much fun shopping for goodies for Neighbor in Need (NiN) to share with local families. They were enthusiastic, motivated, and polite, and people who observed the party asked how they could do this for their kids’ milestone events. It was a great example of the ripple effect – the theme of last year’s school spirit days! What fun to see the final receipt – a whopping $2,362.92 and a grand testament to everyone’s generosity.The Shoprite crew helped the girls load up the truck with the contents of 14 carts that stocked the shelves of Manor Elementary Food Pantry, serving Pennsbury schools.


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