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Eighth Grade Spotlight

By February 27, 2024Alumni

Weekly feature spotlighting each of our Eighth graders which asks them to reflect on their Middle School experiences and share some of the highlights and what they are most proud of.

Meet Katherine Saltarelli

What is one of your favorite highlights from the middle school program?

One of my favorite highlights from the middle school program is the annual Camelbak ski trip. It’s a unique opportunity to be independent and make new memories with close friends. Going to the arcade and talking with other people at the end of the day is always one of my favorite parts of the overall experience.  

What skill(s) did you develop thanks to your Montessori/IB education that are you most proud of? 

Thanks to my Montessori education, I have learned to reflect on my work and find what I can improve. One example is when I wrote a reflection for my progress report, discussing my accomplishments and how I improved in different areas. Over the past few years, I have written multiple reflections about how I’ve developed different IB traits, such as communicating, inquiring, being balanced, and being open-minded. This skill is valuable, and I will continue to use it throughout high school and afterward. In addition to reflecting, I have also learned to get out of my comfort zone. I have an intense fear of heights, but I am slowly overcoming it thanks to the trips we take at Montessori.

What will you miss the most after you graduate from PMonts?

After I graduate from PMonts, I will miss the close community and friendships. I have been at Princeton Montessori for eight years. I’ve realized how unique our environment is. The teachers deeply care about their students, and the discussions are always an opportunity for gaining new perspectives. The community is considerate, kind, and connected, and that is what I will miss the most after I graduate from Princeton Montessori. 


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