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Community Project Update

By February 27, 2024All Programs, Middle School

In January, Nicky Cardona, an 8th grader at Princeton Montessori School, reached out for support with his community project. A Community Project is an 8th-grade project to help solve a problem within your community. Nicky wanted to provide school supplies to an underprivileged school in Punjab, India, and he reached out to our community for donations.

Nicky visited India in October and during his trip, he toured a local school that his mom attended from 1st – 7th grade. He had heard stories about the school from his mom and recognized the limited resources the students had available. The idea for his community project was born! Nicky revisited the school in February.

An update and thank you from 8th grader, Nicky Cardona

Hello Princeton Montessori School, 

This is Nicky Cardona again to thank you for your participation in my community project. My project was giving school supplies to an underprivileged school in India. I am happy to report that everything went well, and the supplies were successfully delivered to the children who were more than delighted to receive them.

The process was quite simple. We brought three suitcases full of supplies and bought plastic bags on our way to the school, to distribute the supplies in an orderly way to the 65 children. We laid the donations out across three tables and invited the children, one by one, to come up and collect their supplies. They were very thankful for your donations, as am I, and this would not have been possible without your help.

Thank you for your kind donations, in making my eighth grade community project such a success. I enjoyed bringing different communities together to support this special project, including the Princeton Montessori School community, the village community, and the Indian school community. 

Thank You,

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