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Eighth Grade Spotlight

By March 18, 2024Alumni

Weekly feature spotlighting each of our Eighth graders which asks them to reflect on their Middle School experiences and share some of the highlights and what they are most proud of.

Meet Aiden Dutt

What is one of your favorite highlights from the middle school program?

The Spain trip was an amazing experience that helped reinforce the Spanish foundation I had developed in Mexico. Apart from being a really engaging trip that allowed me to try new foods, activities, and meet new people, the Spain trip gave me confidence in my Spanish-speaking skills that I will continue to use throughout high school. The stay with our host families taught me so much about the culture and way of life in Spain and also gave me an opportunity to practice my independence. All in all, the Spain trip has no doubt been one of the most exciting and engaging experiences of my life, and is something I am sure to never forget.

What skill(s) did you develop thanks to your Montessori/IB education that are you most proud of?

A major skill that I have developed through the middle school programs is communication. One of the unique things about the IB program is the independence and freedom that it gives you, and from that independence, I have learned and expanded my ability to reach out to others and seek out others needing help. For my eighth-grade community project, I planned to help two organizations in Kenya through advertisement and other technical help that they couldn’t do themselves. Because I was working with two different organizations at the same time, and both were located extremely far away, I had to use my communication skills to help me organize and make it work.

What will you miss the most after you graduate from PMonts?

I have learned to embrace the inclusive, international, and diverse community that Princeton Montessori provides which is something that I am certainly going to miss as I move on to high school. Being an IB school, we embrace many different cultures from many different backgrounds which is unique and something that I am grateful for, as I have not only met many new people because of that, but the community has also given me many different perspectives on international topics that I wouldn’t normally know about. That is why one of my main priorities when choosing high schools was to find an inclusive and diverse environment that allowed for freedom and independence.


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