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Farm to School Program

By October 17, 2023Middle School

Middle School students took a field trip to the Marchese Family Farm as part of the Farm to School program, which enables the children to better understand where their food comes from and the choices they can make to support their health and the health of our planet. Mr. Marchese discussed farming practices and challenges, as well as how climate change has impacted the timing of when strawberries are planted here in NJ (mid-October rather than September). The students enjoyed planting strawberries during their visit!

The variety of pumpkins grown by Mr Marchese also created the basis for a discussion around natural selection, how farmers have changed species through selective breeding, GMOs, pesticides, and the economics of farming! Many thanks to Mr Marchese for hosting us, being so informative, answering an eclectic range of questions, and introducing the children to his pony, goats, and geese!

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