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Grace and Courtesy Lunches

By March 1, 2024Elementary

Grace and courtesy in Montessori education cultivate social harmony and mutual respect and serve as the cornerstone for instilling lifelong habits of kindness, empathy, and responsible citizenship. The recent Upper Elementary’s Grace and Courtesy luncheon exemplified these values with remarkable success. Once again, the 5th-grade students exhibited leadership by orchestrating the setup, service, and welcoming of guests and teachers.

The event honored a distinguished individual whose contributions significantly shaped the trajectory of our school. Mrs. Marsha Stencel, our former Head of School, played an instrumental role in its growth and development over her tenure of more than 30 years. Mrs. Stencel’s vision and dedication have been instrumental in shaping our institution’s identity and ethos. During the luncheon, she graciously shared insights into the school’s rich history and warmly engaged with our students, answering their questions with wisdom and enthusiasm.

The event proved to be a heartwarming experience for our students, fostering a sense of unity and community spirit. Mrs. Stencel’s presence reminded us of the enduring legacy of leadership, dedication, and excellence that defines our school community.

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