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Montessori Model UN

By February 29, 2024Uncategorized

mmunnn (1)The 7th and 8th-grade students engage in the Montessori Model United Nations every other year, and they had the opportunity to participate again this year. Held in New York City, the conference provided a platform for our students to interact with hundreds of other Montessori students from around the world! Through the event, our students served as representatives for Benin, Azerbaijan, Comoros, Lesotho, Mauritius and Antigua & Barbuda. This experience allowed them to gain insight into global issues while exploring the unique perspectives and cultures of these nations.

Princeton Montessori UN middle school delegates were confident, secure, and incredibly well-spoken in their opening speeches. They enjoyed lunch together and then embarked on an unforgettable experience, visiting the UN building. At the UN they sat and acted as real-world delegates representing their countries. The students feel accomplished and inspired by this remarkable experience.

Our students had the opportunity to perform at the Opening Ceremonies!

Our delegates had a productive day in their committee sessions, crafting resolutions and eagerly anticipating the ceremony. They formed meaningful friendships with peers from diverse backgrounds.

Not all work and no play! Students had a chance to get out and explore some of the city and enjoy downtime together.

The topics they had:

  • Reducing Space Threats Through Norms, Rules and Principles Of Responsible Behaviors
  • Promoting International Cooperation On Peaceful Uses In The Context Of International Security
  • Empowering Youth In Inclusive And Sustainable Food Systems
  • Guidance On the Use Of Agricultural Plastics
  • Countering The Use Of Information And Communications Technologies For Criminal Purposes
  • Human Rights – Improving The Effective Enjoyment Of Human Rights And Fundamental Freedoms
  • Rights Of Indigenous Peoples
  • Human Rights And The Environment
  • Disaster Risk Reduction
  • Implementation Of The United Nations Convention To Combat Desertification
  • Empowering Youth In Inclusive And Sustainable Food System

The skills they developed that will serve them in adulthood embody all IB MYP attributes that students are familiar with in the classroom:

Research, public speaking, collaboration, perspective, inclusion, organization, world view, problem-solving, diplomacy, leadership, critical thinking, adaptability, cultural competence, communication, and resilience.

The experiences they had:

Pre – Conference:

  • Research
  • Work in committees
  • Write position papers
  • Write opening speeches

At the conference:

  • Work in UN replica committees with other school groups
  • Write resolutions
  • Present resolutions to all attendees
  • Engage in cultural exchanges with students from diverse backgrounds
  • Experience diplomatic negotiations firsthand
  • Develop cross-cultural understanding and empathy

The MMUN Mission

Our goal is to inspire youth.  MMUN students formulate, present, debate, and revise positions on current issues that are affecting people of the world.  By assuming the perspectives of a citizen of their selected countries, MMUN students not only develop an understanding of the needs and rights of others but also learn to respect the cultures, political views, and belief systems of others.

Two things that set a Montessori Model UN experience apart:

  • A focus on process and collaboration, with no emphasis on competition
  • Adherence to the negotiation and communication style of Ambassadors in the United Nations.

To find out more about Montessori Model United Nations visit their website.

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