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Reading Buddies

By October 17, 2023Elementary, Primary
Reading Buddies is a highly anticipated part of the year! Fifth graders are paired with kindergarteners, and they gather every Friday to read together. The kindergarteners develop their sense of community beyond their own program, and they also create a special bond with their Reading Buddies; they are so excited to see them throughout the school and at school events, like School Spirit Day.
For the fifth graders, Reading Buddies is an opportunity to connect with and give back to younger students. They practice positive leadership skills, patience, and being an encouraging role model. Many of our fifth graders remember meeting with their reading buddies from when they were primary students themselves, so it is a truly joyful experience for them to be part of this program again!
Students of both ages enjoy developing these nurturing relationships with each other and they all look forward to their weekly meetings!

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