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Virtual Visits to LE

By November 19, 2021Elementary, Primary

The Lower Elementary years see the development of social awareness, language transition, and collaborative learning. Each day is a new adventure!

Every year at this time the third-year Primary students have the opportunity to visit Lower Elementary (LE) to see what the next step looks like. This year, the students connected one-on-one for a virtual visit with a 2nd grader. It was a great way to visit safely and for the students to get to know each other and check out LE! 

The Primary students enjoyed connecting with their 2nd-grade buddies in this new “moving up” program via Zoom.  The Lower Elementary teachers designed this creative way to introduce third-year students to Lower Elementary without physically being in the classroom.  Each third-year Primary student was paired with a buddy from 2nd grade to get to know one another, take a virtual tour of Lower Elementary and play games.  The 1st and 2nd graders were also matched up with a third-year pen pal buddy and the LE students wrote the Primary children lovely notes introducing themselves and sharing one thing they loved about LE.  This pen pal letter was included in a folder that was given to the third-year students before their Zoom meeting, along with a mini “work plan,” a creative writing sheet to respond to their pen pal, and a create-your-own-puzzle activity.

During the morning work block, the students played a number game together and got to know each other before creating a puzzle using their creativity.  It was a great way for the two communities to come together!

If you would like to learn more about our Lower Elementary program, please contact Tracey Baskin in Admissions,



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