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Native American Heritage

By November 18, 2021All Programs

In honor and celebration of Native American Heritage Month, students across our school are engaging in reading and learning about the culture and ancestry of Indigenous peoples. Through the use of rich picture books, primary sources, and interdisciplinary approaches, we are focused on highlighting the remarkable contributions and traditions of Native Americans through a historical and culturally responsive lens.

Books are being shared across the programs, celebrating Native American Heritage Month (November).
Fry Bread; Primary-UE
Where the Shadbush Blooms; Primary-UE (This book discusses the oral tradition and the passing of traditions and values from generation to generation. It is about the Lenape, whose land we are currently on in Princeton)
Thunder Boy, Jr ; Primary-UE 
Thunder Rolling in the Mountains; UE-MS (Written from the perspective of a Nez Perce child during Westward Expansion. 5th-grade students are currently studying this novel in literacy)

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