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Primary Snapshot

By November 12, 2020Primary

Our Primary program, designed for children ages 3 to 6, offers an academically-enriched atmosphere within a well-ordered social community. Intellectual and social development flourish in this multi-age, three-year cycle. Through the use of carefully prepared materials and activities, children grow in personal independence, concentration, self-motivation, and develop a genuine love of learning. The combination of defined social structure and intellectual atmosphere is propelled by the unique ability of children this age to absorb their environment, language, and culture.

We have been so fortunate that the weather has allowing the students to be outside for much of the fall, permitting so many opportunities to explore, grow, and learn outdoors. From the science curriculum, children are studying  Living and Non-Living Things. One of these works involves comparing different leaves from North American trees, including examining the trees on our property.

A popular fall work is sweeping the patio and raking leaves. These practical life activities, along with gardening and caring for our flowers, help the children grow in personal independence, concentration, and self-motivation.

Students in the Primary program learn through the use of many manipulative classroom materials.  Activities include beginning skills in reading, writing, language expression through drawing, mathematics, geography, nature studies, science, practical living skills, social skills, art, music, fitness, and Spanish, all of which can happen indoors or out!

Two second-year students in the Pansy Room safely socialize with a remote student, gracefully bridging the gap for those choosing to learn at home while still engaging and fostering friendships so pertinent during this stage of development.

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