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By May 17, 2019Uncategorized

“Prepare the child for the path and not the path for the child.”

Princeton Common Ground held a community lecture and Educators’ workshop, Understanding the Emotional Needs of Children and Adults, on May 14 at the Pennington School. The evening lecture, Suicide Can Touch Anyone: A Real Conversation About Suicide Prevention, included a panel of experts from local organizations including the National Alliance on Mental Illness, NAMI, Minding Your Mind, Good Grief and Attitudes in/of Reverse.

Mr Scott discussed how adverse childhood experiences, (ACES), influence a child’s ability to cope with stress and build resiliency. If you were unable to attend the lecture you can view the presentation. Books from the lecture are available in the Princeton Montessori Parent Library and a video of the lecture will be available soon on the Princeton Common Ground website.

GEORGE SCOTT is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist known throughout New Jersey as an energetic and engaging speaker. Mr. Scott is certified in Post-Traumatic Stress Management and is a state wide Co-Ordinator for the Traumatic Loss Coalition, New Jersey’s primary youth suicide prevention program. In addition, he was previously a training and consultation specialist for the New Jersey Youth Suicide Prevention Project (which was managed by Rutgers University Behavior Health Care), and a former adjunct faculty member at The College of New Jersey.




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