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On May 17th the Middle School and Upper Elementary students took their spring field-trip to the Cherry Valley Co-op to continue with the “Farm to School” program. The glorious weather offered a perfect backdrop for connecting the learning from their ecology classes with the realities of food production on an organic farm.

The Upper Elementary students learned about the symbiotic relationship between plants and animals and reviewed photosynthesis before diving into the true farm experience. They mixed organic fertilizer, prepared the beds and planted summer squash seedlings. It was dusty work that required precision and cooperation and the students gained a new appreciation for where their food comes from. The farm’s friendly trio of dogs added extra enjoyment for the students, who were smitten with their playful antics. It was an awesome (and muddy!) experience for all!

Middle School students learned about cover crops, crops grown for the protection and enrichment of the soil. They walked around and observed different types of cover crops and discussed their purposes. (For example Thistle or Hairy Vetch and how they hold soil in place to slow erosion.) After that, students had a workshop where they created a cover crop mixture and spread it on a field. They finished with lunch on the dock at the lake. 


Please reach out to Alex Cardona, Parent Association Farm to School Program Chair, at if you have any questions about the Farm to School program at Princeton Montessori School. 

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