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Lower Elementary Students Are Always Busy!

By January 10, 2017Uncategorized

The lower elementary program supports each child’s new developmental phase filled with wonder, interest, and active enthusiasm. By sparking imagination and following a student’s passion, teachers create an environment that allows children to thrive academically as well as develop a sense of belonging in the classroom and school community.


A typical day in Lower Elementary starts with a daily greeting.  Here, the students and teachers are doing an “Around the World” greeting, where they work together to pass a ball around the circle.  The daily greeting is an important part of building community in the classroom.  As the work period begins, children take part in small group lessons, as well as individual work.


Joe O’Donnell gives a Language Arts lesson, and Sadie does a Math lesson learning all of the number sentences that have the answers of 1 through 10 using Mortensen materials. 
Middle school students visited Lower Elementary to teach them about Greek mythology before their performance of “It’s All Greek to Me.”  Cross program connections are an important part of our Montessori environment, allowing opportunities for older children to guide and mentor the younger.

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