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Middle School Theater Workshop

By January 11, 2017Uncategorized

“Gods and mortals alike are shocked when the scheming Hades kidnaps Persephone from Mt. Olympus and holds her hostage in the Underworld. A pack of vain reporters clamors outside the gates of Zeus’s palace to get the scoop, while the Goddess of the Harvest crankily destroys all of the crops in an attempt to win Persephone back. In the midst of it all, two unlikely heroes arise in the form of a young lute player named Orpheus and his bride, Eurydice, who brave Hades’ bizarre kingdom in this clever send-up of Greek mythology.”


The Middle School annual theater workshop week culminated with a performance of It’s All Greek to Me (by Brendan Poland and Adam Crescenzi) on Friday, January 6.  Each year the students perform a play that corresponds with the History curriculum. Students started work in September, when acting coach and director Jody Wood coached students on acting skills.  During theater week, students worked on staging the play, and they also worked behind the scenes on various aspects of the show.  They put in a great deal of hard work and we’re so proud of their accomplishments!






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