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Final School Spirit Day

By May 25, 2023Uncategorized

School Spirit Days are joyous celebrations of our school community

Primary through Middle School children gathered together to celebrate our final School Spirit Day for the year.  Mrs. VonWachenfeldt led the event and started off with a recap of this year’s Spirit Days, which all focused on “Ripples”, and the “ripple effect”. It was wonderful to see the difference we made and the ripples we created as a community! 

It was a great year! We heard inspiring stories, danced, parachuted, sang, did the wave, and rocked out! We worked together to help people right here in our community through our service drives, and we learned about ways we can help the environment and participated in a zero-waste challenge!

Our last Spirit Day was a “splash” – a celebration of all we’ve done as a community this year! There were live performances and videos created by the 7th-grade students on Empathy. At the conclusion of School Spirit Day, there was a surprise for HOS, Mrs. Morrison, in honor of the countless “ripple effects” she has created in this community. She was presented with a fountain and stone for her home, and every student, teacher, and parent dropped a symbolic stone into the water, symbolizing their ripple in the community.

Remember- every word, every action, every deed has a ripple effect. So the question we need to ask ourselves isn’t “will I make a difference in the world”? The question is, what kind of difference will it be? What do you want your ripple effect to be? As the year comes to a close and we head to summer, think about how you can make others feel loved, appreciated, and cared for. And be on the lookout for ways you can work together with other people to make a difference! Let your empathy lead you to compassion- to action- and watch the ripples grow!

Upper Elementary 5th-grade students perform an original song by Brooke Baskin.

“Live My Life”


Spirit Days happen 4 times a year, and the community wears our school shirts or colors, and Primary, Elementary, and Middle School students, teachers, and staff come together for a special community gathering. 


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