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Following the Child – Everything Eagle

By April 18, 2019Uncategorized

This spring, the Primary After School students began following a pair of bald eagles, who ultimately laid two eggs in their nest at Duke Farms. They checked the Eagle Cam, a webcam installed on a tree adjacent to a Bald Eagle nest, daily and waited anxiously for the eggs to hatch. The big day(s) happened on March 30 & 31!

The students continue to observe the now three-week-old eaglets and are enjoying new Eagle work. After School teacher Ms. Sabuhi picked up on the students’ interest now that the chicks have hatched and is nurturing their curiosity by providing materials and resources for them to dig deeper and learn more. She borrowed educational materials from Duke Farms, including books, activities, lesson plans and observation guides, to further enhance the children’s experience. It’s a perfect example of how the Montessori approach really does ignite passion!

The children have been examining beautiful models of an eagle skull, an eagle egg, and a tarsus with talons. They have even been able to experience the wing span of an adult eagle, which can reach 8 feet! 





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