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Montessori Musical – A Huge Success!

By April 16, 2019Uncategorized

We culminated our 50th Anniversary celebration

with a musical about the life and times of Maria Montessori.

The premiere performance of ‘The Montessori Story’ was a huge success! It has been a long-standing tradition of our school to host spring musicals that include our elementary and middle school students. This year, our talented Performing Arts Coordinator, Alex Mitnick, created something sensational to honor our 50 years as a school and the life-changing philosophy of education we implement every day at Princeton Montessori School.  Alex had a transformative experience researching and artistically representing the genius of Dr. Montessori’s revelations and creating a musical tale about her life and legacy. Our very own Kristen VonWachenfeldt was outstanding in the role of Maria Montessori, and the Elementary students lit up the stage!  

Through song and dance the musical brought to life the essence of Maria Montessori and her beliefs.

The Montessori Story took us on a journey into the life and times of Dr. Maria Montessori and revealed the inspiration behind her monumental contributions to the world. Born in Italy in 1870, she was the first woman to graduate from the University of Rome as a doctor and went on to fundamentally change the way children are taught all around the world. She was a central figure in the woman’s suffrage movement and was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize three times before her death in 1952.

Maria Montessori lived through both world wars and was praised for her work as a peacemaker by such notable figures as Sigmund Freud, Alexander Graham Bell and Mahatma Gandhi. Her many books and articles continue to inspire educators everywhere and her ground-breaking philosophy remains as relevant today as ever. Thousands of children around the world have benefited from a Montessori education, where their capabilities, potential, and fundamental capacity for doing good in the world are honored and developed.

Director/Composer, Alex Mitnick, shared on social media – “I’m so proud of these kids and the whole team that brought my vision of The Montessori Story to life. Thank you all! Here’s yesterday’s finale. The Power Of Peace. During WWII, Dr. Montessori spent nearly seven years living in exile in India where she befriended Mahatma Gandhi who believed her methods were the best way to teach the millions of India’s poor, illiterate children. Together they would spread their message of peace through education throughout the world.”

Below is a video of the week leading up to the Musical! Enjoy a behind the scenes look

at the making of THE MONTESSORI STORY!

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