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Middle School Science Projects

By March 29, 2022Uncategorized

Middle School students spent time this winter designing, conducting, and analyzing science experiments using a framework that aligns with the IB part of our curriculum. It has been a way for students to develop strong skills in inquiry, creativity, and critical thinking. Each student worked on an investigation of their choosing and was able to collect and analyze their data and present it in a professional way. Each student took their own path and pushed themselves to develop new skills along this journey. Due to the fluctuations in Covid protocols during the height of winter, we were unable to present our science fair experiments in person. However, students made a video journal of their takeaways to share. Thank you to middle schooler Luke Davis for his help with editing the video! Enjoy!

In addition, some students chose to take their IB coursework and turn it into a submission to the Mercer Science and Engineering Fair, which was a voluntary extracurricular activity. It proved to be a great opportunity for our students to engage with other young scientists and institutions in our community. They showcased the skills they’ve been developing across content areas such as public speaking, data analytics and presentation, and design. We are very proud that our school was able to be represented by so many talented young scientists.

We congratulate the following Princeton Montessori Students for their achievement of completing their first Mercer Science and Engineering Fair Junior Division submissions:

  • Adhya Abi
  • Anamitra Abi
  • Vinay Batra
  • Grant Berness
  • Sawyer Berness
  • Sadie Betz
  • Zarah Cardona
  • Nico Downie
  • Anne-Catherine de Ghellinck d’Elseghem
  • Mia Monteiro
  • Katherine Saltarelli
  • Sabrina Shields
  • Fred Sullivan

In addition, a few of our students won various awards at this year’s fair. This is an amazing achievement given that none of them have ever submitted to such an event before. Many congratulations to:

  • Grant Berness- Outstanding Achievement
    • Naval Science Award
  • Sawyer Berness- Outstanding Achievement
    • Naval Science Award
  • Sadie Betz- Meritorious Achievement
  • Vinay Batra- Honorable Mention

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