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Primary third years tackle the long chains.

By April 4, 2019Uncategorized
It is not uncommon to see the third year Primary students spread out in the hallways to complete their long chains.  The long chains are linear skip counting, cubing a number from 1-1000.  The short chains- squaring a number 1-100 are done in the classroom. After a child successfully completes the short chains they can begin the long chains 1-6 in the classroom.  Due to the length of the chains  7-10 long chains they are done in the hallways. Working in the hallway is a privilege and earned responsibility for the third year students.  They appreciate you being respectful and walking around their hard work.
In the primary classroom, there is an arrangement of beads. The beads represent the digits. On a long mat, the beads are arranged in a long line, with labels placed to represent multiples.

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