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School Spirit Day Celebration

By October 12, 2023October 13th, 2023Uncategorized

“You can’t really know where you are going until you know where you have been” – Maya Angelou

Primary through Middle School children gathered together to celebrate our first School Spirit Day of the year. Mrs. VonWachenfeldt and Mr. Mitnick hosted the event. This year our Spirit Days will be all about “Roots.” The first school spirit day focused on our identities, our origins, and the importance of “knowing your story”.

Mrs. VonWachenfeldt talked about the importance of roots in a plant. “The fascinating thing about roots is that even though the roots are beneath the ground, the roots are also the reason that the tree grows!” We also use the word “roots” when we talk about where we grew up, where our family came from, the things that matter most to us, and the people who love and support us. “The fabric of who we are is woven with the stories of family members who came before us. Their memories, traditions, and life lessons and experiences are threads that together create our heritage.” Roots give us connection, strength, and resilience- “we all feel stronger if we are part of a tapestry.” And it can open your eyes to how beautiful and unique you are!

Senora Perez read a story to the community, “Alma and How She Got Her Name”, about a little girl discovering her family’s roots. This was followed by a video of students and teachers sharing a little bit about their stories.

School Spirit Day finished with a performance by the Middle School Rock Band.

Spirit Days happen 4 times a year. The community wears our school shirts or colors, and Primary, Elementary, and Middle School students, teachers, and staff come together for a special school spirit day assembly.



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