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UE Performs Musical

By May 2, 2024Uncategorized

The Upper Elementary students performed a musical written by Mr. Mitnick! “Tales and Tunes From Mount Olympus” is a fun and exciting musical introduction to Greek Mythology. We meet Olympic gods and goddesses and explore some of the most famous myths including Pandora’s Box, Sisyphus and the Stone, and The Flight of Icarus. Learning about the different personalities of each deity and the moral of each story, we are both inspired and warned accordingly about some of life’s little secrets, allowing us to become more mindful of the many powerful psychological forces that exist inside of each of us.The musical is a wonderful experience for the students, enriching their public speaking skills and self-confidence. It is not only an immersion in the arts, but a chance to collaborate, try new things, and practice teamwork. Preparation for tonight began many weeks ago. The students have been very busy memorizing, singing, dancing, and enjoying the process that brought them to this evening.As the saying goes, it takes a village, and the Montessori community joins in to support the process and the musical performance. It is an annual event that everyone looks forward to. The Middle School students are responsible for backstage management, lighting, costumes and props, and the Third-year Primary students kick off the evening with their songs. Special thanks to Mr. Mitnick, who wrote and directed this musical; Ms. Peron, who choreographed the dances; Ms. Miller, who provided keyboard accompaniment; and the Upper Elementary teachers who continue to inspire and support the students every day.

Many thanks to Tamara Gillon for taking the beautiful photos of the performance.


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