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Eighth Grade Spotlight

By May 2, 2024Alumni

Weekly feature spotlighting each of our Eighth graders which asks them to reflect on their Middle School experiences and share some of the highlights and what they are most proud of.

Meet Anamitra Abi

What is one of your favorite highlights from the middle school program?

One of my favorite highlights is the connections we are able to build. Whether it’s with fellow students or teachers, we are encouraged to communicate with one another. This encouragement has helped me forge friendships both within and beyond my grade level. These connections have not only enriched my academic experience but have also provided me with support that extends beyond the classroom.

What skill(s) did you develop thanks to your Montessori/IB education that are you most proud of?

The skill I have developed the most, thanks to my Montessori/IB education, is the ability to balance work and time effectively. Whether it’s completing summative assessments or collaborating with peers on group projects, I have learned to manage my time efficiently. This skill has been invaluable in navigating the demands of my education, allowing me to prioritize tasks and allocate time appropriately. By practicing this skill, I have not only achieved academic success but also cultivated a sense of responsibility and discipline that will serve me well in the future.

What will you miss the most after you graduate from PMonts?

When I graduate, there’s no question that what I’ll miss most is the sense of community. The bond between different grades and individuals is something exceptional and unique to PMonts, and it’s something I’ll deeply miss. The connections I’ve made here have been incredibly meaningful, and the supportive atmosphere has made my time at PMonts unforgettable. From the friendships among classmates to the relationships formed with teachers, it’s this sense of belonging and togetherness that I’ll carry with me long after graduation.

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